Fuck Buddies2016

Platonic roommates Joseph and Ellie try to "keep it casual" when they find themselves manipulated by an otherworldly force to have sex with each other.

FUCK BUDDIES is about two formerly platonic friends who don't know how to deal with their new-found intimate relationship up against the sexual climate experienced by young people today. This is manifested as an otherworldly force possessing them to copulate. As their story of messy emotions progresses, the film mutates from a hyper-stylized fourth-wall breaking dramedy to a perverse ghost story. The miscommunication and power struggles that simmer at the beginning of the movie right underneath the surface eventually turn to melodramatic tragedy, before exploding into bouts of manic slapstick and awkward body-horror.

Director Nate Wilson Cinematographer Justin Black Writer Nate Wilson Producers Stellar Citizens

Starring Sharon Belle, Alexander Poluffe